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About Us


The Other Half is a new podcast hosted by us — Niaz and Mike.

Inspired by the use of the long-form media format as a tool to investigate and learn about things that are not always discussed in mainstream media, we, two curious idiots, seek to speak with individuals from all walks of life. We will hear their stories, explore their knowledge, and learn (and at times challenge) their opinions – and take you on this journey with us.


Today, most people follow the current celebrity culture; and often, the opinions of out-of-touch, social elites drive the mainstream cultural dialog. Although this phenomenon is usually treated as a form of escapism, its impact on the cultural zeitgeist is penetrating and lasting.

While we, too, are reluctant participants of these distractions, we wanted to take a step back in order to take a step forward – perhaps in a better direction. Using this platform, we’ll be speaking with not only professionals engaged in interesting professional, intellectual, and artistic work, but also everyday Americans and global citizens who are not always in the limelight and hear their stories.


Whether you lean politically Left or Right, are a cosmopolitan or an isolationist, or a hunter or gatherer (the first socially divisive structure), people usually miss out on the other half of the truth, the other half of the experience, and the other half of the story. Our goal is to learn and share this with you. With a genuine sense of curiosity and a humble understanding of our own knowledge gaps, we’re eager to know more about this world, and the people who make it what it is.

Our Philosophy: Everyone’s got a story to share, but not everyone has a way to do so. In our journey to learn more, we want to do our part to help you hear from The Other Half.

And, when we get off our high horses, we’ll also be discussing movies, books, current events, and just life stuff.

The Hosts

Niaz currently works as a Project Manager in New York City. He’s an avid traveler and amateur adventurer. Niaz is an ardent follower of news and politics; as well as movies, wildlife, space, and history enthusiast. As a fan of dark humor and free speech, Niaz is often annoyed by today’s growing culture of unrestrained political correctness.

Mike grew up in New York’s Lower East Side and currently works in IT management. He enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures. Mike likes all types of food from the most elegant fine dining to the grittiest street food. He has gained a wide-range of expertise through various jobs in his life. Mike likes dark liquor. He does not like to read.